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Company formation in Hong Kong


Ways of Incorporation

There are two possible methods to acquire a private limited liability Company incorporated in Hong Kong.

  1. The first is to purchase a "shelf company". A "shelf company" can be activated after completion of certain formalities such as appointment of director(s), secretary, transfer of subscribers' share(s) and application for a Business Registration Certificate. The activation procedures (preparation of activation documents) after incorporation can be completed within two working days. A list of shelf companies can be supplied upon request.
  2. The alternative method is to incorporate a new Company with a desired name. It takes about two weeks for incorporating a new Company.


Requirements of company registration

              • Minimum number of each of director and shareholder is one. Sole Director and sole shareholder can be the same person/corporation. A limited liability Company registered under the Companies Ordinance in Hong Kong is managed by the director(s). There is a distinction between member and director. The former is in fact the owner of the Company whereas the latter is the manager of the company.
              • All shareholders / directors shall be over 18 of age, and hold valid identification documents including passport or identity card (no restriction on nationality).
              • The company name should be ended in "Limited".
              • Director/shareholder can be individual or corporation.For corporate director/shareholder, copy of business registration license/Certificate of Incorporation/Registration has to be provided. For individual director/shareholder, copies of identification document(s) such as passport and identity card shall be provided.

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